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7 Things We’ve Learned From Greeting Over 50 Million Renters

Property Managers need to adapt to changes in buying behavior. The only way to sign more leases is to allow the renters to control their leasing experience with our apartment chatbot. In this report, you will access key information we have learned from greeting over 50 million renters.

Increase in After Hours Traffic

It has been found that on average, 58% of customer traffic is coming after hours industry-wide. This highlights the importance of having service for prospective customers after the offices are closed. Make it easy for prospects to carry out conversations with your brand after hours.

Improve the Customer Journey

Prospects want to take control over their own leasing journey by doing research on their own time. Having the right tech can have a measurable impact on your customer experience and success with 35% of consumers wanting to see more of their favorite brands leverage online chatbots.

Accuracy in Technology

Prospects expect an effortless, and easy interaction when engaging with a chatbot or any online tech. They want excellent access to property information as well as accurate up-to-date answers and a quick response time. Learn how to give them what they want.

Discover the 7 Things We’ve Learned After Greeting Over 50 Million Renters

Chances are, you’ve had at least one conversation with a chatbot in the past 12 months. And we have now reached a huge milestone greeting over 50 million renters through our platform over the last two years! With continual evolution and new insights, we have shared seven things we've learned from greeting over 50 million renters and transforming the way multifamily prospects engage with brands.

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